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Braemar Outdoor Group was set up in 2015 under the umbrella of Braemar Community Limited. The Group’s principle aim is to maintain and enhance outdoor activities and access in the vicinity of Braemar. This is achieved through coordination with local estates, community groups, local businesses and public bodies.

Established with three sub-groups; Paths and Signage, Cycling and the Mountain Festival, the Braemar Outdoor Group has enjoyed a great deal of community support over the years.

The Braemar Mountain Festival

Managed by a dedicated committee of passionate outdoors enthusiasts, the Braemar Mountain Festival is now a well-established fixture in the calendar. The 4th annual Braemar Mountain Festival is scheduled for the 3rd – 6th March 2022.

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Paths and Signage

Maintenance of the paths in and around the village has proven very successful over the years. 2015 – 2018 saw audits of the path network completed, maintenance and repair workshops held in association with ‘The Mountains and the People’.

December 2018 saw a major milestone achieved with planning permission granted for an extension to the Deeside Way from Braemar to the Keiloch. Driven predominantly by the Cairngorms National Park, the project will require increased community involvement (coordinated by Braemar Outdoor Group) to move forwards to the next stage of project delivery.

Maintenance of the paths network is set to become an area of renewed focus in 2021 and 2022 as the impact of increased visitor numbers to popular beauty spots during the COVID-19 pandemic is fully understood.


Improving the facilities and network of routes for cyclists remains an ambition of Braemar Outdoor Group.

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Braemar Community Limited is working to achieve the sustainable, economic, environmental and social development of the community of Braemar.

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