The settlement at Auchtavan is a rare example of a traditional Highland clachan or fermtoun which was restored and saved in 2008 by Braemar Community Limited.

Small communities like these were home to countless generations in the centuries before the industrial revolution. Most of these settlements have disappeared, and their houses are now only a scatter of stones, but at Auchtavan the Hingin Lum Cottage and Horsemill still stand high on the mountainside above the River Dee. The project was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Historic Scotland and the Cairngorms Leader Fund.

In 2010 the 20th century house on the site, once the Queen Mother’s Picnic Cottage, was acquired by BCL to give a complete picture of how the settlement has been used over the centuries.

Auchtavan can be visited on foot at any time of year and the Horesemill is always open with a visitor information board located inside. The Hingin Lum Cottage and the Queen Mother’s Picnic Cottage can be accessed on special open days or for educational visits.

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